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Suspension Repair Service

Earl Bros Transmissions has been providing professional suspension repair, service & replacement for Toledo & Northwest Ohio car owners since 1933.

Since the mid seventies, Earl Bros. has maintained the premier suspension facilities in Toledo & Northwest Ohio. If your suspension is providing a rough ride or causing you to lose handling & responsiveness, call us for help.

Car, Truck & SUV Suspension Repair & Service

Your vehicle’s suspension is comprised of components such as shock absorbers, struts, springs and linkages that connect the vehicle’s frame to it’s wheels. The suspension system has two basic functions:

Keep the car’s wheels in firm contact with the road to provide traction.
• Provide a comfortable ride for the passengers and isolate them from road noise, bumps and vibrations.

Much of the performance of the suspension system, under normal conditions, relies on the effectiveness of the springs. The springs support the body of the vehicle evenly by compressing and rebounding with each up-and-down movement. The up-and-down movement causes bouncing and swaying after each bump, which is further reduced by the shock absorbers.

In automobiles where a strut assembly exists, the strut assembly replaces the upper control arm, front shock absorber and ball joint, increasing handling and responsiveness. It controls the ride much the same way as a standard hydraulic shock absorber while keeping the front end aligned and, in some cases, eliminates the need for caster and camber adjustments.

Reduced performance or failure of the suspension system can also cause adverse problems with the steering system if not corrected in a timely manor. Therefore, if you are experiencing an poor handling and responsiveness while driving your car, we advise contacting Earl Bros. today at any of our 5 convenient locations to schedule and appointment for automobile suspension service, maintenance or repair.

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