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Engine Replacement Specialists

Earl Bros. Transmissions has been providing professional engine replacement for Toledo & Northwest Ohio car owners since 1933.

Since the mid seventies, Earl Bros. has maintained the premier engine replacement & rebuilding facilities in Toledo & Northwest Ohio. If your engine has failed and you need a new one, call us for help.

Car, Truck & SUV Engine Replacement

There are various reasons why one would either choose, or need, to replace an engine for their automobile. Some people simply need to replace an older engine which requires major repairs, while others may replace an engine to obtain greater power, make an old car more reliable for daily use, or because it is less expensive than buying a new car.

Regardless of your engine replacement needs, Earl Bros. Engine Replacement Specialists are experienced and ready to assist you in achieving the highest level of performance for your automobile.

In recent the years, engine replacement has become a viable and sought after solution for many automobile owners due to the high cost of today’s new cars, the reliability of replacement engines, and the relief of driving a reliable car without the normal everyday hassles associated with late model cars.

Call Earl Bros. today at any of our 5 convenient locations to discuss your engine replacement options and solutions.

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