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Additional Car Repair Services

Earl Bros Transmissions has been providing professional car repair services for Toledo & Northwest Ohio car owners since 1933.

Since the mid seventies, Earl Bros. has maintained the premier car repair facilities in Toledo & Northwest Ohio. If your car, truck or SUV is not performing as it should, call us for help.

Because You Deserve the Best for Your Car, Earl Bros. offers a complete line of auto repair and maintenance services.

Our skilled mechanics take the time to educate you about your car’s problem and what type of maintenance it needs in the future to continue running smoothly. Because we strive to create a base of repeat customers, we always provide dependable quality services. We never try to sell you something you don’t want or need, and we guarantee all of our work.

Please call us at any of our 5 convenient locations for additional details regarding how we can get your vehicle to run trouble-free.

Oil Change Service

Your engine will not run properly without adequate lubrication. By changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you will eliminate excess wear on your engine and improve your gas mileage. We perform the following oil change services:

• Refill with up to 5 quarts of oil
• New oil filter

• Chassis lube
• Inspection of belts, hoses, and air cleaner

Tune-Up Service

Performing regular maintenance helps ensure a long life for your vehicle. Our experienced technicians will inspect your car and, if necessary:

• Analyze exhaust emissions
• Adjust ignition timing and idle speed control
• Perform a comprehensive maintenance inspection

• Replace spark plugs, wires, and boots
• Replace distributor cap
• Replace rotor

Tire Service

For a safe, smooth ride, the condition of your tires is of utmost importance. From the proper pressure to the correct alignment, our auto repair experts ensure that your tires are road worthy. And, if your tread is low, we offer the sales of new and used tires, so you can always enjoy a quite, safe, and fun ride:

• Balance and rotate tires
• Alignments

• Flat tire repair
• Tire patching and plugging

To have your steering system checked for optimal performance, call Earl Bros. today at any of our 5 convenient locations to schedule an appointment for automobile steering service, maintenance or repair.

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