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Earl Bros Transmission Repair

Four Generations of Family-Style Caring!

Nothing is more unpredictable than survival in business, so when you see a shop that has been around for 75 years and four generations, you marvel at how it must have weathered the storms.

The Earl Family Story

Robert EarlThe Earl family story began in 1933 with Grandpa Floyd opening his first service station. In the mid 50’s, sons Bob Sr. and Norm Sr. developed the family image. Thru the 70’s, Bob Sr. (CEO) groomed sons Jim and Bob (3rd generation) to perpetuate the family business. In the late 70’s, Jim (President) and Bob (Secretary/Treasurer) went into the specialized area of Transmission rebuilding along with general auto repair.

Once a “one-horse proprietorship”, Earl Bros. is now a sprawling business with 6 multi-bay car care centers that have several other family members working hard to keep them running smoothly. The main facility at Renwyck Dr. is managed by Rich Earl (Jim’s son). The radiator rebuilding division is operated by cousin Norm Earl. Brother-in-law Jeff Booth manages the Secor Rd location. “We work here”, explains Jim. “It’s our family name. We own and operate our locations….and our customers know that if they want to come in and meet the owners they can. We’re committed to our family, we’re committed to our employees and we’re committed to our customers.”

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